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Five decades ago, a religious order of Belgian priests and nuns crossed the continent to set foot in the cold mountains of Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines, to bring forth the birth of a new religious order of Nuns for the Natives of the Cordillera.

Together with the Word of God, these Belgian founders of this new congregation introduced the western tradition of fruit wine making. A secret fruit wine recipe from Belgium which was handed down through generations was taught to the Native professed Nuns using the fruits of the locale such as strawberries, cherries and guavas.

On a feasibility study on food business in the year 1999, a gentleman from Imus, Cavite who is also knowledgeable in Music Theatre was introduced to this congregation not as an entrepreneur but as a person who could write, compose and direct a Musical Stage Play which will be shown as a vocation campaign in the whole of the Cordillera. Because of his innate love for music, theatre and arts coupled with his commitment to charity and service for the Lord, the said Musical Stage Play was brought to life. In gratitude for this act of charity, the secret fruit wine recipe was wholeheartedly handed down to him by the congregation as a gift of appreciation. This secret fruit wine recipe became the base reference of a new discovery in wine fermentation.

The Lord in His mysterious ways worked on the entrepreneur heart of this gentleman and having the Philippines as the finest Mango producing country in the world, Mangoes both the unripe green and ripe sweet yellow were made to be the main ingredients in wine fermentation experiments and after a year of thorough research and study, a new improved and innovated fruit wine recipe with exotic, exquisite, smooth and excellent world class taste was discovered and formulated. The holy secret turned Mangoes into wine, the Don Roberto's green (dry) mango wine and Don Roberto's sweet (yellow) mango wine which was formally launched at the ARKDIA along Remedios St., Malate, Metro-Manila on Sunday, December 2, 2001 at 7:30 p.m. with all the media coverage.

Because of this amazing discovery, the said entrepreneur was invited to become an active member of the Likhang Kabitenyo Foundation, Inc., an association of inventors and creative entrepreneurs of the Province of Cavite, the Coffee Capital of the Philippines. With much inspiration, he came up with another unique wine which is made and fermented from a special blend of the finest coffee beans of Cavite. This time the holy secret turned coffee into wine, the Don Roberto's brewed coffee wine.

The unique label and packaging of the MANGO WINE was awarded with a Trophy & Certificate of Merit for Packaging Excellence known as the PHILSTAR AWARD by the Packaging Institute of the Philippines given last September 25, 2002 at the World Trade Center of the Philippines.

Likewise it won First Prize-Gold Award in the prestigious FINAT International Label Competition 2003 which was held in Vienna, Austria last June 4-7, 2003.

This gentleman from Imus, Cavite is Roberto "Oby" R. Castañeda who founded Don Roberto's Winery on October 25, 2000 at his residence at No. 2 Toclong First, Imus, Cavite 4103 Philippines. However, from a small single proprietorship institution it has grown into a corporation which was approved and duly registered on October 21, 2002 by the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission and now known as Don Roberto's WINERY CORPORATION with its head office and factory located at Doña Enriqueta Building, 100 Gen. E. Topacio Street, Imus, Cavite 4103 Philippines.



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